Seizing her power as she confronts her mortality, trailblazing trans activist Connie Norman evolves as a voice for the AIDS and queer communities of early 90s Los Angeles.

Trailer | 62 min | Feature | AIDS DIVA: THE LEGEND OF CONNIE NORMAN | English | USA

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In this elegant biographical documentary, director Dante Alencastre captures the diversity and resilience of 1990s Los Angeles’ LGBTQIA+ community through the lens of trans trailblazer and AIDS activist Connie Norman. Inspired to action in the face of apathy and denial, Norman raised her voice in protest both for her fellow HIV+ community members, and as an early, lively voice for trans rights. Through unforgettable footage of Norman, and interviews with her contemporaries, this film cements her name as a true legend in LGBTQIA+ history.

Preceded by: RIGHT TO TRY

Director : Dante Alencastre

Co-Producer : John Johnston

Cast: Connie Norman, Torie Osborn, Valerie Spencer, Robin Podolsky, Doug Sadownick, Michael Weinstein, John Duran, Paul Langlotz, Mary Lucey, Peter Cashman.

Historic footage includes: Shelia Kuehl, Larry Kramer and Harry Hay.