Outfest alum Jeffrey Schwarz's amazing true story of Gloria Swanson's attempt to get a musical version of Sunset Boulevard made, and the bizarre love triangle that derailed the whole venture.

85 min | Feature | BOULEVARD | English | USA | World Premiere

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Everyone knows about the 1994 Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical adaptation of Sunset Boulevard, but few know that the idea for a musical adaptation of Billy Wilder’s 1950 movie was actually first formulated by the movie’s star, Gloria Swanson. From 1952 to 1956, Swanson worked with gay couple Dickson Hughes and Richard Stapley on writing the book and score. They were almost finished when a love triangle between the three derailed the project. Fans of Old Hollywood cannot fail to appreciate this project that seems tailor-made in so many ways for Outfest!

Director : Jeffrey Schwarz