In the hilarious first series produced by Grindr, Jimmy Fowlie stars as Terry, the man-of-honor intent on stealing away his best friend Judith's husband-to-be before the couple can make their vows.

Episodic | English | USA | World Premiere

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Armed with zero shame, bizarrely iconic fashion choices, and hilarious one-liners covered in a thick layer of vocal fry, comedian Jimmy Fowlie steals the show in this first-ever series produced by Grindr. Fowlie plays Terry, the self-absorbed gay man-of-honor at his best friend Judith’s wedding. When Terry decides he must have Judith’s gorgeous husband-to-be for himself, he secretly plans to break up the ceremony…but first he’ll have to contend with Judith’s scheming other best friend, Muriel, and her army of wedding planners. Don’t miss this chance to watch the entire series — filled to the brim with priceless sight gags and endlessly quotable dialogue!

Creator : John Onieal

Director : Julian Buchan

Writers : John Onieal, Frank Spiro

Producer : Jeremy Truong, Katie White

Executive Producer : Grindr, Alex Black, Patrick Rogers, Evan Sterrett

Cast :Jimmy Fowlie, Sydnee Washington, Shannon DeVido, Calvin Seabrooks, David Mudge, Megan Chelsea Johnson, Crystal Porter-Bazemore, Chester Lockhart, Liva Pierce, Harry Katzman, Benito Skinner