Jin-woo, a taciturn rancher choosing to live an isolated life in the Korean countryside, finds his quiet world turned upside down when an old university friend shows up.

115 min | Feature | Korean | South Korea | West Coast Premiere

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A Distant Place takes us into the rural life of Jin-woo, a sheep rancher who lives a humble existence with his adorable niece, Seol, and the kindly family who employs him. When Hyeon-min, an old friend from university shows up, Jin-woo finds himself facing feelings he had long locked away. Things become even more difficult when his estranged sister Eun-yeong returns wanting custody of Seol. Told against the spectacular backdrop of the rolling Korean countryside, the film is a beautiful, delicate drama that probes the complex psyche of a solitary man.

Director : PARK Kun-young

Writer : PARK Kun-young

Producer : PARK Eun-sung

Executive Producer : PARK Kun-young, JANG Woo-jin

Cast :KANG Gil-woo, HONG Kyung, LEE Sang-hee, KI Joo-bong