Five women reunite for a dinner party where desires are unearthed, secrets are revealed and all is not what it seems. Will these women stay friends or will the secrets divulged tear them apart?

81 min | Feature | LEADING LADIES | Spanish | Colombia

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Outfest alum Ruth Caudeli delivers in this tension-filled drama where hidden transgressions come to the surface as five women reunite for a party where dinner is not the only thing being eaten. The initial slow-burn quickly speeds up to expose past grudges, brimming tension, and barely-concealed sexual desire. The relationships between these women intertwine in surprising ways that keep you guessing until the ending, which provides a unique shock of its own. We follow each woman’s point of view as we discover the true nature of their friendship. The question is: will they remain friends by the end of the night?

Director: Ruth Caudeli

Writer: Ruth Caudeli

Producer: Ruth Caudeli, Sara Larrota

Executive Producer: Silvia Varón, Ruth Caudeli

Cast: Ana María Otálora, Silvia Varón, Marcela Robledo, Diana Wiswell,