When playwright James invites a legendary TV diva, as well as his actor friend, to workshop his new creation over a long weekend, the feedback is unforgettable.

84 min | Feature | THE EXTINCTION OF FIREFLIES | English | USA

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In this adaptation of director James Andrew Walsh’s stage play, Drew Droege stars as James, a middle-aged playwright who invites a legendary TV diva as well as his occasionally-working actor friend Jay (Michael Urie) to read and critique his latest dramatic effort. When Jay brings along his new lover, the competing egos gathered are a recipe for a lightning storm. As alliances form and wither over the course of the tense weekend, the delicious real-life drama far exceeds anything James could put on the page.

Director: James Andrew Walsh

Writer: James Andrew Walsh

Executive Producer: Kimberly Chesser, James Andrew Walsh

Cast: Drew Droege, Michael Urie, Kario Marcel, Tracie Bennett