Erotic photographers Paco and Manolo, a couple of thirty years, reveal their process in which their male subjects bare all and release their inhibitions for their camera.

102 min | Feature | EVERYTHING AT ONCE | Spanish | Chile, Spain

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In this revealing portrait, Paco and Manolo – two Catalan photographers who have been together for thirty years – demonstrate the craft they’ve honed together working for Kink magazine, a fanzine with a distinctly homoerotic aesthetic.

 Outfest alum Alberto Fuguet (Cola de Mono) intimately observes their method, in which men who contact the partners via social networks showcase their most intimate moments for their lens, often finding that when they clothes come off, the freedom and excitement they feel in front of the camera creates powerful moments of honesty.

Director : Alberto Fuguet

Writer : Alberto Fuguet

Producer : Arturo Oporto, Alberto Fuguet

Executive Producer :

Cast :Paco Moyano, Manolo Rodríguez, Francesc Mulet, Germán Rodríguez de la Fuente, Juan Manuel Mera Blázquez, Víctor Aparicio Martín, Albert González Ortiz, Vicente de la Torre García, Carlos García Onetti, Juan Mancilla, Elliot Manresa Flores,Thomas Fevrier, Adrien Vadot