A wayward father and his non-binary child each try to bloom in the desert as they both navigate unlikely connections.

Trailer | 78 min | Feature | FIRSTNESS | English | USA

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Dreamy and dazzling, writer-director Brielle Brilliant’s first feature is just that: brilliant. Firstness paints a softer, hotter, and more glittering world than our own with tenderly rendered flaws and unlikely but lovely friendships. The film centers on a wayward father and his non-binary child, who each try to bloom in their New Mexico desert town as they both navigate the community’s unusual population. A gorgeous tribute to the struggles and triumphs of parents stumbling towards understanding of their queer children and a testament to the magic baked into queer community, Firstness straddles the harshest realities of this world while imagining another that which is more vibrant, charming, and fantastic.

Director : Brielle Brilliant

Writer : Brielle Brilliant

Producer : Bridget Botchway, Brielle Brilliant, Judy Febles

Executive Producer :

Cast :Tim Kinsella, Spencer Jording, Caleb Cabrera