Nine-year-old Johnny sends his spirit into his babysitter's body in this genderqueer body-transfer absurdist comedy.

75 min | Feature | HOMEBODY | English | USA

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Nothing is quite as special as a child’s relationship with their babysitter, and nine-year-old, gender-queer Johnny is obsessed with theirs  – so much so that they’ve meditated their spirit right into her body! But when Mom comes home early, Johnny must navigate the outside world as an adult woman (clothes, make-up, horny would-be boyfriends, witnessing childbirth as a doula). In this utterly charming Freaky Friday meets Being John Malkovich fantasy, Outfest alum Joseph Sackett explores gender expression with pure wonder through a fresh and whimsical lens in his hilarious and touching feature debut.

Director : Joseph Sackett

Writer : Joseph Sackett

Producer : Joy Jorgensen

Executive Producer :

Cast :Colby Minifie, Tre Ryder, Maria Dizzia, Whitmer Thomas, Zoe Chao