LADY BUDS (Sneak Preview Screening)

Six plucky women turn the cannabis industry into a community, following its legalization in California in 2016, and become modern-day pioneers along the way.

96 min | Feature | English | USA

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Sneak Preview Screening

In her feature directorial debut, Chris J. Russo presents a perceptive exploration into the lives and work of the six women who are the backbone of the cannabis community in California. Their accomplishments and battles reveal a new industry that remains in flux, as it tackles preserving the past while simultaneously establishing its own future. Each story confronts the issues facing commercial cannabis, as well as the vast opportunities. These women escape the conventional image of the cannabis industry and they honor the queer activists who fought for legalizing medical marijuana over 25 years ago.

This film will only be played theatrically.

Director: Chris J. Russo

Writer: Chris J. Russo, Tamara Maloney

Producer: Chris J. Russo, Michael Katz, Christian Bruno