Eren returns to the tiny Turkish island where she grew up to find her childhood sweetheart, Reyhan. Can they re-capture the love that put a spell on them twenty years ago?

96 min | Feature | "LOVE, SPELLS, AND ALL THAT" | Turkish | Turkey

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Eren travels to the tiny Turkish island where she grew up to convince her childhood sweetheart, Reyhan, that they’re still in love twenty years later. Reyhan doesn’t want to reconcile, and confesses she had someone cast a love spell on Eren after she left. Determined to win Reyhan’s heart, Eren sets out with Reyhan to find someone to reverse the spell. Acclaimed filmmaker Ümit Ünal, along with his brilliant lead actresses (Selen Uçer and Ece Dizdar), delivers a magical love story that will have you under its spell.

Preceded by: OVER MY DEAD BODY

Director: Ümit Ünal

Writer: Ümit Ünal

Producer: M. Tayfur Aydın

Cast: Selen Uçer, Ece Dizdar, Aysenil Samlioglu, Damla Ersan