Filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax confronts family trauma after the unexpected death of his niece in this moving personal essay.

Trailer | 86 min | Feature | NORTH BY CURRENT | English | USA

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When filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax returns home to rural Michigan after the sudden and inconclusive death of his young niece Kalla, he begins an exploration of the complex relationships within his family. Never shying away from hard moments or turning the camera on himself, Minax sensitively confronts decades of pain and guilt, addiction, a religious Mormon upbringing, and the family’s struggles with his trans identity. Poetically weaving home videos in conversation with Kalla’s spirit, this deeply personal essay charts the landscape of healing and trauma between parents and children, a brother and sister.

Director: Angelo Madsen Minax

Writer: Angelo Madsen Minax

Producer: Felix Endara

Executive Producer: Charlotte Cook, Chris White, Justine Nagan

Cast: Angelo Madsen Minax