Chronicling the legacy of gay porn studio Palm Drive Video, this provocative documentary celebrates the hardcore, blue-collar fetish and kink films released in reaction to the surging AIDS epidemic.

79 min | Feature | RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO! | USA

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Raw! Uncut! Video! honors the incredible history of gay porn studio Palm Drive Video, whose revolutionary sleaze films showcased rugged blue-collar men enacting their most explicit sexual fantasies onscreen. Independently founded by leathermen Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry, their infamous videos playfully depict hardcore kink rarely before seen in porn, ushering in a new era of sex positivity during the rise of the AIDS epidemic. This survey of their indelible work asserts the duo as an iconiclastic creative force and celebrates the beauty of raw, unbridled erotic expression.

Director: Ryan A. White and Alex Clausen

Producer: Ryan A. White, Alex Clausen, Todd Verow, Charles Lum, Paul Lee

Cast: Jack Fritscher, Mark Hemry, Steve Parker, Mickey Squires, Steve Thrasher, Donnie Russo, The Men Of Palm Drive, Susie Bright, Darryl Carlton (Divinity Fudge), Rick Castro, Durk Dehner, Roger Earl, Peter Fiske, Jeffrey Escoffier, Lucas Hilderbrand, Mr. Pam, Susan Shaw, Ron Suresha