Six trans women in León for the weekend explore the land, themselves, and each other, exposing layer after layer of earthen richness.

89 min | Feature | Spanish | Spain

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Barcelona-based filmmaker Adrián Silvestre’s follow up to his 2016 feature The Objects of Love continues his exploration of love, identity, collective, and individuality. Settled in the everyday lives of six Spanish trans women, Sediments takes its audience on a weekend away with half a dozen of the most charming, distinct, joyful, and intriguing documentary subjects around. Strata of character, meaning, and identity appear in the group and in each woman as in the earth they tread, making Sediments a literal and figurative excavation of natural trans life.

Preceded by:  SUPREME

Director: Adrián Silvestre

Writer: Adrián Silvestre

Producer: Adrián Silvestre, Javier Pérez Santana

Cast: Magdalena Brasas, Alicia De Benito, Cristina Millán, Tina Recio, Saya Solana, Yolanda Terol