Jessica Bair, a longtime LGBTQIA+ rights advocate with Human Rights Campaign, shares her struggle to remain in her Mormon faith despite coming out as transgender.

Trailer | 81 min | Feature | English | USA

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In this documentary portrait, LGBTQIA+ rights advocate Jessica Bair shares her transition story and struggle within the Mormon faith. Assigned male at birth in Utah, Jessica always knew she was a girl inside. She fought hard to please everyone by joining the military, marrying, and having children, but hiding the truth was too painful. After her transition, Jessica fought to remain a Mormon, but the church still does not support LGBTQIA marriage or parenting. This film poses a question that many LGBTQIA people struggle with: do I remain a part of a religion that I love even though my religion won’t love me back?

Director: Andrea Meyerson

Writer: Andrea Meyerson

Producer: Andrea Meyerson

Executive Producer: Marsha Naify and Andrea Meyerson

Cast: Jessica Bair