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The 5th Annual Trans & Nonbinary Summit is a celebration of commUNITY, taking place Saturday, August 21st.

This year’s summit consists of 3 separate back-to-back programs:

Program 1: Keynote Address & “Post-Pose: The Future of Trans & Nonbinary Storytelling” Panel


Tourmaline is a an artist, filmmaker, cultural producer, writer, and activist whose practice highlights the experiences of Black, queer, and trans communities and their capacity to impact the world. By expanding the legacy of forgotten figures into our present moment and highlighting their minor yet impactful creative acts, she shifts our understanding of broader cultural histories and encourages a reconsideration of mainstream contemporary narratives. Tourmaline’s work is an invitation, asking us to fundamentally reshape our beliefs about what is possible, in order to line up with our desires.

Post-POSE: The Future of Trans & Nonbinary Storytelling is a panel discussion gathering perspectives from prominent and emerging trans & nonbinary creators to both honor what POSE did for trans representation over the past 3 years and discuss where trans & nonbinary narratives move from here. The panel features filmmaker and Outfest board member Zackary Drucker, POSE writer Our Lady J, director, writer and actress Nava Mau, D’Lo, Jacob Tobia, and River Gallo.


Program 2: Filmmaker Perspectives with Emerging Trans & Nonbinary Filmmakers Shorts Program

Filmmaker Perspectives is a shorts program featuring emerging trans & nonbinary filmmakers experimenting with genre, form and narrative to explore themes of being and belonging, filmmakers whose work is unconcerned with a cis-gaze, pushing trans & nonbinary representation beyond conventional trans narratives and transition tropes (or looking at them in a different way). 

The screening will be followed by a Q&A panel with the filmmakers. 


Filmmaker Perspective #1: Trans Genre & Horror

Love You Forever by Sepand Mashiahof and Sepehr Mashiahof (21 mins)

Filmmaker Perspective #2: Hybrid Documentary & Transition Narratives

F1-100 by Emory Chao Johnson (14 mins)

Filmmaker Perspective #3: Film as Portrait & Narratives of Belonging

Ni Aquí/Ni Allá by Ley Comas (15 mins)

Little Sky by Jess X. Snow (14 mins)


Program 3: Table Read premiere of Razor Tongue Season 2 by Rain Valdez 

Created by and starring Rain Valdez, the summit will culminate with an exclusive Table Read premiere of Razor Tongue Season 2, episodes 1 – 4, read by a robust cast of trans & nonbinary actors such as Alexandra Grey, Trace Lysette, Jacob Tobia, and more.

This program was co-produced with Bowie Starr, Rain Valdez and Now>Ever Artists, Valdez’s independent production company. 

After the Summit: 

The summit will culminate with a reception and mixer in celebration of its fifth year. 

Programmed by: Kieran Medina

Table Read Co-Produced by: Bowie Starr and Rain Valdez

Special thanks to Zackary Drucker for her support and guidance throughout this process.